WE Bridge Academy accepts students aged 16 and over and has a legal duty of care to all of them. In the UK, a person aged under 18 is classed as a child and the law states that people who work with children have to keep them safe.

// Applicants Under 18

When using our online application form, additional information is required for students aged 16 and 17. A parent or legal guardian will need to complete additional information and provide consent prior to the application being submitted.

// Maintaining Safeguarding

In our commitment to safeguarding, we will ensure:

  • Our Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP) and/or Student Accommodation & Welfare Officer meet with under 18s every week
  • We have dedicated staff to look after the wellbeing of our students
  • All staff and homestay providers are DBS (police) checked
  • All staff receive regular and annual safeguarding training

// Travelling to the UK

Our Pre-arrival page provides lots of useful information for preparing to travel to the UK.

We recommend booking an airport transfer to Cardiff for your arrival to the UK. You can request an airport transfer when applying to study with us. If you make your own arrangements for travelling from the airport, please provide us with the details including the time of arrival into Cardiff.

// Accommodation

We need to know that students aged under 18 are staying in safe and secure accommodation. We offer homestay accommodation within 35 minutes of the academy using public transport. If a student is aged under 18 and does not want to stay in homestay accommodation, they will need to stay with a responsible adult aged over 18 and complete an Accommodation Consent form. Full address and contact details should be provided in the Parental Consent section section of our application form when applying.

// Attendance Monitoring

All students aged under 18 are required to sign in each day for morning and afternoon lessons (if applicable). Should a student not arrive for their lesson, a member of the Academy will call them to see where they are.

Students who are unwell are required to call us immediately if they cannot attend class. This allows us to ensure they are safe and provide advice should they need to see a doctor.

// A Safe Environment – Online & Offline

Our policies, regular staff training and continuous communication with our students create a safe environment for everyone – whether tuition is delivered online or in person.

WE Bridge Academy has full control over the systems in place used to deliver online learning, which include our Learning Management System, Moodle and Zoom, which are used to deliver live online lessons.

// City Life

Just like WE Bridge Academy, Cardiff is a diverse and friendly place, and by following these simple points, your stay will be even more enjoyable:

  • Travel outside of the Academy with another person, or in a larger group, particularly during the winter months when it gets dark early
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and you have enough credit/allowances to make calls
  • Tell us where you are; if you can’t attend class, make sure you call the Academy as early as possible. If you plan to travel outside of Cardiff, remember that we need written permission from your parent/guardian
  • If you are staying in homestay accommodation, ensure you are home each night by 22:30. Call your homestay if you are going to be late. Need a taxi? Call Dragon on 02920 333 333 – all of their drivers are DBS (police checked)
  • You can call the Academy on +44 (0)2920 225 656. If you need to contact us urgently when the Academy is closed, please call +44 (0)7958 469 916 – this is an emergency number only should you have a problem or need to speak to us urgently, and is available 24 hours a day
  • We want you to be safe during your time at WE Bridge Academy. However, in the event of a life-threatening emergency, dial 999

// Social Activities and Excursions

We obtain parental consent for social activities and excursions during the application process. If a student wishes to participate in an event not arranged by the Academy, additional consent will be required, in writing.

We understand that coming to study with us at WE Bridge Academy is a significant change for a student as well as those who have supported them to get to this point. It’s important that these valuable relationships continue throughout the student’s journey as a means of providing advice, guidance and support.

The transition to learning in a new place – even a new country – can present several challenges for students – adjusting to independent living, academics and a new social life – all without the comfort of close friends and relatives. But over time, students find the initial difficulties they face seem less daunting, especially if they know family and friends at home are on hand, understand the situation and are supportive.

// Information for Parents

Top tips:

  1. Stay in contact: Agree with each other how you will maintain contact. It might even be useful to set a specific time each week when you will touch base with one another. This can be via a phone call, text, or an email but importantly, the regularity of the communication will reduce uncertainty and provide a reassurance that everyone is alright.
  2. Be your child’s trusted adviser. Fully support them as this is a huge transition in anyone’s life, so you need to recognise that your relationship will change and develop during this time. Students aren’t just managing their studies, but also a range of new places, events and people. As they navigate this, they need the freedom to explore, but as we all know from our own youth, exploring can sometimes mean making mistakes. While mistakes are a natural part of personal developmental and growth, it’s also a moment where trusted advice is invaluable and essential.
  3. Be kind to yourself. This change in your relationship can often lead to feelings of anxiety and concern. While a student is growing and developing in a new environment with new experiences, your everyday life may not have such exciting changes. This could leave you with a feeling of loss. It is important to acknowledge these feelings, talk with people you trust and with people who may be in the same situation.