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The name ‘WE Bridge Academy’ and its logo is a registered trademark in the UK, No. UK00003369722.

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// Introduction

These Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) must be read carefully and fully understood before signing an acceptance of a place at WE Bridge Academy (“the Academy”).

These Terms when taken together with the:
1. offer letter
2. conditions of offer (if applicable)
3. acceptance letter
4. schedule of fees

This constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and shall supersede any and all promises, representations, warranties or other statements whether written or oral, made by or on behalf of one party to the other of any nature whatsoever or contained in any prospectus, leaflet, brochure or other document given by the Academy or any party representing the Academy.

These Terms apply to all admissions for all courses commencing in or after January 2017 and supersede all previously published terms and conditions.

The Academy brochure and website: The Academy brochure and website describe the broad principles on which the Academy is presently run and gives an indication of programmes of study. While accurate at the time of publication, the details contained in the brochure and website may be reviewed or amended at any later date and therefore neither the Academy brochure or website are part of a formal agreement between students, or parents/guardians and the Academy.

The Academy’s organisational policies: The Academy has policies, not limited to: admissions, bullying, safeguarding, child protection, radicalisation, health and safety, promotion of good behaviour, sanctions in cases of bad behaviour, complaints and exclusions. The Student must abide by the Academy’s policies, which are available to view on request.

// FOR Cardiff Recommend a Friend/Family Member Offer

  • Applies to courses booked online between 4th September and 31st December 2019
  • English and English+ courses only. The addition of IELTS preparation is subject to availability at the time
  • No cash alternative
  • Excludes accommodation, flights, transfers and course extras
  • You must be aged 16 or over on the date of your arrival
  • Courses suitable for Elementary level and above and we will require a valid passport and application form from applicants. Additional information, including parental consent, will be required for students aged 16 and 17
  • Online applications only using offer code WBAFC19

// 10th Anniversary English Course Competition

The following terms and conditions apply to our August 2019 competition allowing students the chance to study with us for free:

  • 2-week English course totalling a maximum of 25 hours per week. There are 5 prizes available
  • 4 start dates available: 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th November 2019
  • English language course only. The addition of IELTS preparation is subject to availability at the time
  • No cash alternative
  • Excludes accommodation, flights, transfers and course extras
  • You must be aged 16 or over on the 4th November 2019 to enter
  • Competition closes 12pm on 30th September 2019. Winners will be notified the following week
  • Course suitable for Elementary level and above and we will require a valid passport and application form from the successful winners. Additional information, including parental consent, will be required for students aged 16 and 17

// Duplicate Applications

On occasions, situations arise where an application for a student is received from more than one representative.

• Applications are processed strictly in the order they are received
• Should more than one application be received for the same student, it will be processed and allocated to the agent/representative that sent the application first
• It must be made clear to students at the application stage that once they complete their application and nominate their agent, they will not be permitted to change their mind at a later date. The student will remain with the same agent for the entire duration of the course
• If a student wishes to change their agent once a course has finished, they must nominate their new agent as part of the new application
• Students will continue to confirm their agent during their enrolment at WE Bridge Academy in line with our internal procedures

If a student applies to study with us and enrols without an agent/representative, they will not be permitted to assign an agent/representative to themselves for the entire duration of their course.

// Course Fees

Course fees do not include materials; however, if you are required to pay a registration fee, then the registration fee covers the cost of your first course book.

Course books for General English Language courses cost £35 each. The cost of course books for other courses range from £35 to £45. If there are any changes in the UK VAT terms, the Academy reserves the right to pass on those changes to the client.

All course fees are to be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the start date of your course. Students will not be allowed to start their course until full fees have been paid. If you are making a booking less than 4 weeks in advance you must pay all fees immediately.

All applicants:

• There is a non-refundable administration booking fee of £125 per course booked (except for International Foundation Programme students) to be paid before you receive the acceptance letter
• If there is financial hardship recognised by the Academy, the student may seek to arrange alternative payment methods at the discretion of the Chief Operating Officer
• The Academy reserves the right to cancel or terminate any course that has not been paid for and students will not be allowed to start their courses until payment has been received. Additionally, a late fee of 2.5% of the unpaid balance may be added for every month that the bill remains unpaid
• Please ensure that when you pay the course fees you also pay the bank charges for the transfer so that the Academy receives the full amount. Shortfalls in payment will be requested and interest fees charged. When transferring money to WE Bridge Academy, you must pay for all bank charges (sending and receiving)
• Please ensure that when making your payment that you clearly indicate who the payment is for and write the full name of the student under the payment information on your transfer document. There will be no refunds given after a course has started, unless the Academy is responsible for cancelling the course
• The Academy reserves the right to exclude any student found to have given any false information during their application process and no refund of course fees will be made
• The Academy reserves the right to exclude any student due to late arrival, poor/irregular attendance, or for unacceptable behaviour and no refund of the course fees will be made

// Methods of Payment

We offer a wide range of payment methods to pay for course fees. Full details can be found here

// Sponsored Students

For students who are sponsored by their embassy (or other organisation), a Financial Guarantee Letter (FGL) must be received prior to the commencement of the course. Should the dates in the FGL differ from the actual course dates, the student or person responsible for the course fees will be required to pay the difference prior to the start of the course.

If a student would like to study at the Academy on dates not covered by a FGL, they will be fully responsible for paying their own course fees prior to the course starting. In the event that a FGL is delayed, the student will be responsible for all courses fees until a valid FGL is provided. Should a FGL cover a period for which a student has already paid, they will be issued a refund, providing the full cost of the course, including the registration fee, is covered.

// Refund Policy

All courses (excluding Teacher Training)

If a course is cancelled due to an unsuccessful visa application, all fees paid to us (minus our bank charges and administration fee) will be refunded in full upon receipt of written confirmation from the British Embassy or Consulate. You must send your visa refusal at least 5 working days of receiving the visa refusal notice. No refunds will be made after the course has started.

Please arrange adequate insurance to cover your course fees should you need to cancel for health or other personal reasons.

In the event the student is refused a visa due to negligent or wrongful information being provided to the UKVI, the following penalties will apply:

• Full deposit will be retained or
• 50% of the course fees will be retained

English Courses/Teacher Training

If you wish to cancel your course, this must be done in writing/E mail and the following penalties will apply. If you provide more than 4 weeks’ notice we will retain the Admin fee of £125.00 plus 25% of the course fees. If you cancel your course with less than 4 weeks’ notice we will retain the Admin fee of £125.00 plus 50% of the course fees.

WE Bridge Academy reserves the right to exclude any student with irregular attendance. No refund will be given.

// Course Changes

• We endeavour to run all courses and levels as advertised; however, we reserve the right to cancel courses where this is unavoidable. In this case, the Academy will offer an alternative
• The Academy will try to accommodate any request to change course start dates. However, the Academy reserves the right to refuse any requests
• If you wish to change your course to one of a lower value, you must give us at least ten days’ notice. If you make a request with less than 10 days’ notice, you will you will not be entitled to any refund
• If you have received a visa letter from WE Bridge Academy, changes to your course are not permitted. However, you can extend your course if you still have time before your visa expires
• You may extend your course at the Academy if you would like to stay longer. The extension will be treated as a new booking, and the fees you pay will be based on the length of your original booking, and will also depend on whether you are a private or sponsored student. If you change courses, you will be charged the rate for the new course

// Reducing the Length of Your Course/Study Hours

• If you are a non-Tier 4 student, and we haven’t issued your visa, you can reduce the length of your course or your study hours after you have started; however, you will not receive a refund for any weeks or hours lost
• If you are a Tier 4 student, you cannot reduce the course length or study hours. You must study the full number of hours and weeks as stated on your CAS statement
• If you are a non-Tier 4 student, you can increase the number of hours you study. You must pay the difference between the hours you are currently studying and the hours they will increase to
• If you are a sponsored student, you must study the number of hours as stated on your sponsor letter. You must gain written permission from your sponsor if you wish to increase and decrease your study hours or length of course

// Conditions of Enrolment

• Students must be 16 years old or over for adult courses
• Students aged 16 or 17 will not receive a junior course level of care. Students and their parents/guardians should consider this before any under 18 old registers for a course

Students must provide the following documents before they can be accepted on a course:

1. A completed application form
2. A copy of your passport
3. A copy of your SELT results if you are applying for a Tier 4 visa
4. A copy of your visa if you are already in the UK
5. A copy of your husband’s / wife’s visa if you are on a dependant visa and a proof of their course of study if they are a Tier 4 student
6. A copy of your certificate for secondary education if you are applying for a Tier 4 visa

// Classes and Your Level of English

• For all students, except for IFP students, you will be asked to complete a placement test on arrival at WE Bridge Academy. The results of this placement test will determine your level of English and which English class you will join. At WE Bridge Academy, we offer the following levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced
• If your placement test results are below the entry requirements for your chosen course, WE Bridge Academy reserves the right to place you in a different class until you are ready to join the course that you originally applied for
• Regarding Examination Preparation classes: if your level is too low to join your chosen course, you will be placed in a suitable General English classes until your English is of a sufficient level to join your chosen course
• WE Bridge Academy reserves the right to change teachers, class times, combine classes if necessary, or transfer a student from one class to another
• If you wish to change classes during your course for any reason, then any changes must be approved by the Director of Studies. You can only change classes if your level is deemed suitable and is subject to availability
• Students are not allowed to attend any classes that they have not booked and paid for

// Holidays and Absences

Non-tier 4 students and if your course is for 12 weeks or more: no holiday will be granted for the first 12 weeks of your course.

• You can take a holiday on the condition that it lasts at least 1 week and does not exceed a maximum of 2 weeks
• You are allowed to take a maximum of 2 weeks’ holiday for every 12 weeks that you are in the academy. The two weeks must be taken together during the 12-week period
• All holiday leave must be approved by the Director of Studies
• Holidays will only be authorised by the Director of Studies providing you are making sufficient academic progress
• You must give us at least 10 working days’ notice before booking and taking a holiday, or full fees will be charged

Tier 4 students:

• You can take a holiday on the condition that it lasts at least 1 week and does not exceed a maximum of 2 weeks
• You are allowed to take a maximum of 2 weeks’ holiday for every 12 weeks that you are in the academy. The two weeks must be taken together during the 12-week period
• You must have enough time on your visa to take the holiday and to add the course weeks that you take as holiday to the end of your course
• You must study the total number of weeks as stated on your CAS statement
• All holiday leave must be approved by the Director of Studies
• Holidays will only be authorised by the Director of Studies providing you are making sufficient academic progress
• You must give us at least 10 working days’ notice before booking and taking a holiday

All students:

• All holidays must be authorised by the Director of Studies
• No refunds will be given for holiday weeks if you decide not to add the weeks to the end of your course, or you do not have sufficient time left on your visa to do so
• If your course lasts for less than 12 weeks, you are not permitted to take a holiday. Any days that you take off without prior authorisation, will be recorded as an unauthorised absence
• If you need to take time off from the academy, then it must be authorised first by the Director of Studies
• WE Bridge Academy is closed on bank holidays and two weeks at Christmas. Please see our current holiday dates on this website for details
• If you book a course for a week that includes a bank holiday, you will not receive a refund or extra study hours to compensate for the closure of the academy

// Tier 4 Requirements

• If a student fails to enrol at WE Bridge Academy on the confirmed enrolment date, WE Bridge Academy will report their details to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) no more than 10 working days after confirmed enrolment date
• If a student stops attending WE Bridge Academy, either because the academy has withdrawn them from the course or because they have told the academy that they are leaving, WE Bridge Academy will report this to UKVI no more than 10 working days after this is confirmed
• If a student decides to defer their studies after they have arrived in the UK, their visa will no longer be valid because they will not be studying. WE Bridge Academy will inform UKVI of the deferral and advise the student to leave the UK. When the student is ready to continue their studies, they will need to make a new visa application
• Unauthorised student absences without our reasonably granted permission will be reported to UKVI. If a student has missed 10 consecutive days without contact and/or authorisation from the academy, WE Bridge Academy will notify UKVI within 10 working days of the tenth absence

// Homestay Accommodation

• You must complete an application for homestay two weeks in advance of your arrival to the UK
• You will be allocated a homestay based on the information you provide in the application form
• You will be provided with details of your homestay and travel arrangements in advance of your arrival
• Homestay availability may be limited, particularly during the summer months
• In our commitment to safeguarding, all under 18s must stay with a homestay allocated by WE Bridge Academy, or a responsible family member aged 18 or over, with prior written consent
• Homestay accommodation is provided on a half board and full board basis. Students aged under 18 will be provided with full board as standard
• All accommodation is payable monthly in advance and is non-refundable
• Accommodation will be secured when payment for the first 4 weeks is paid in advance (£715 full board and £655 half board) and payment must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the start date to secure accommodation
• Students must be prepared to travel up to 45 minutes from the Academy to their homestay accommodation using public transport
• If you need to cancel your accommodation, please give us at least two weeks (14 days) notice before leaving. If you provide less than 14 days’ notice, you will be charged the fee totalling 2-weeks accommodation costs
• If you choose to leave your homestay to move to private accommodation before your original requested/agreed leave date, you are required to give two weeks’ notice. Failure to do this will result in you losing your deposit
• In the unlikely event your homestay asks you to leave the accommodation, WE Bridge Academy will organise a new homestay for you
• A weekly retention fee of £75 is payable if you wish to keep your homestay accommodation while you are on holiday. Your homestay provider must agree to keep a room for you
• You are expected to abide by the code of conduct as stated in the Student Homestay Handbook
• You will also be liable to pay for any damage that you cause at your accommodation, or payment may be kept to cover any costs incurred. WE Bridge Academy reserves the right to refuse to provide you with further homestay accommodation and you may be asked to leave the academy following a disciplinary procedure
• If you are not happy with your homestay accommodation, then please inform the Housing Officer – please allow 14 days for a change of homestay

// Parents/Guardians of Students Aged Under 18

The Children Act 1989 states the legal definition of a child as “a person under the age of 18”. In signing the enrolment form of a child, the parent/guardian agrees/understands that:

• Students must be 16 years old or over for adult courses
• Students aged 16 or 17 will not receive a junior course level of care. Students and their parents/guardians should consider this before any under 18 year old registers for a course
• Parents / guardians must make their child aware of all the conditions agree to on the under 18 consent form. WE Bridge Academy cannot be responsible for any child who does not purposefully adhere to these conditions
• WE Bridge Academy is not responsible for administering any medication to their child. You must ensure that your child is fully aware of all requirements for self-administration of any medication they may take
• Any mental, physical or learning disability not disclosed by the parents / guardians before the students’ arrival at WE Bridge Academy may result in the student’s course being cancelled
• Parents / guardians must keep WE Bridge Academy up to date with emergency contact information
• Parents / guardians are responsible for the insurance of their child
• Parents / guardians must be aware of the requirements for homestay and accommodation – please see the Safeguarding policy and procedures

// Course Certificates

On completion of a course or programme, we will provide the student with a Certificate of Achievement on their last day. This will detail the course title, dates and level achieved. It is the responsibility of the student to collect their certificate when returning their lanyard. If for any reason a certificate is not collected, we will post or email the certificate on one occasion. You must ensure the email or postal address supplied is correct, as we cannot be held responsible for certificates that are not received.

// General

• Students are expected to attend all classes. Please refer to the Student attendance and homework policy
• Morning classes start at 09:30. Students who arrive after this time will not be permitted to join the class and will be marked absent. Students will be able to join the next session at 11:15.
Afternoon classes start at 13:45. Students who arrive after this time will not be permitted to join the class and will be marked absent. Students will be able to join the next session at 15:15 (subject to hours of study)
• If you have applied for one of our courses via a representative, their terms of contract may apply to you, but reserve the right to apply our own terms and conditions as stated.
• If a situation arises that has not been covered by these terms and conditions, WE Bridge Academy reserves the right to take any fair and reasonable action that we think appropriate

Our Terms and Conditions were last reviewed/updated on 05/08/2019

// Website Policies

WE Bridge Academy cares about the privacy of its users. This  policy tells you what information we collect from our website and how we use it. If you choose to visit WE Bridge Academy’s website, your visit will be subject to this policy, and you agree to the terms of it.

These policies relate to our website only. For our internal policies and procedures, please click here

// Data Controller and Owner

WE Bridge Academy, Floor 10 South Gate House, Wood Street, Cardiff CF10 1EW.

Data Protection Officer: Paul Stephens

// Live Chat

Our website has a live chat feature used for providing instant replies to enquiries. We use the information collected during these communications in the following ways:

  • Live chat is available 7 days a week between 10:00 and 16:00. Outside of these times, your message is collected in electronic form both in-app and by email
  • If we reply to your message out of chat opening hours, the message will be sent to you by email (if you provided one)
  • Copies of messages sent between us (WE Bridge Academy) and you are stored electronically with a password, accessed by one member of our team
  • If we can’t answer your query directly and need to share your information internally, we will gain your consent prior to doing this. We will never share details of our conversations with a third party

All conversations are stored electronically and held for a maximum period of 6 months. If you would like your personal data removed sooner, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

// Types of Data Collected

Among the types of personal data that this website collects, by itself or through third parties, there are cookie and usage data. Other personal data collected may be described in other sections of this privacy policy or by dedicated explanation text contextually with the data collection.

The personal data may be freely provided by the user or collected automatically when using this website. Any use of cookies – or of other tracking tools – by this website or by the owners of third party services used by this website, unless stated otherwise, serves to identify users and remember their preferences, help us deliver relevant content, and understand the behaviour of the user for the sole purpose of providing a better service required by the user.

If you choose not to provide certain personal data, it may make it impossible for this website to provide its services. The user assumes responsibility for the personal data of third parties published or shared through this website and declares to have the right to communicate or broadcast them, thus relieving the data controller of all responsibility.

// Mode and Place of Processing the Data Methods of Processing

The data controller processes the data of users in a proper manner and shall take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized destruction of the data.

The data processing is carried out using computers and/or IT-enabled tools, following organisational procedures and modes strictly related to the purposes indicated. In addition to the data controller, in some cases, the data may be accessible to certain types of persons in charge, involved with the operation of the site (administration, sales, marketing, legal, system administration) or external parties (such as third party technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed, if necessary, as data processors by the owner. The updated list of these parties may be requested from the data controller at any time.

// Place

The data is processed at the data controller’s operating offices and in any other places where the parties involved with the processing are located. For further information, please contact the date controller.

// Retention Time

The data is kept for the time necessary to provide the service requested by the user, or stated by the purposes outlined in this document, and the user can always request that the data controller suspend or remove the data.

// The Use of Data Collected

The data concerning the user is collected to allow the website to provide its services, as well as for the following purposes: analytics, interaction with external social networks and platforms, and access to third party services’ accounts. The personal data used for each purpose is outlined in the specific sections of this document.

Personal data is collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

  • Access to third party services’ accounts
  • Analytics
  • Interaction with external social networks and platforms
  • Additional information about data collection and processing
  • Legal action

The user’s personal data may be used for legal purposes by the data controller, in court or in the stages leading to possible legal action arising from improper use of this website or the related services. The user is aware of the fact that the data controller may be required to reveal personal data upon request of public authorities.

// Additional Information About the User’s Data

In addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, this Website may provide the User with additional and contextual information concerning particular services or the collection and processing of Personal Data upon request.

// System Logs and Maintenance

For operation and maintenance purposes, this Website and any third party services may collect files that record interaction with this Website (System Logs) or use for this purpose other Personal Data (such as IP Address).

// Information Not Contained in This Policy

More details concerning the collection or processing of personal data may be requested from the data controller at any time. Please see the contact information at the beginning of this document.

// The Rights of the Users

Users have the right, at any time, to know whether their Personal Data has been stored and can consult the Data Controller to learn about their contents and origin, to verify their accuracy or to ask for them to be supplemented, cancelled, updated or corrected, or for their transformation into anonymous format or to block any data held in violation of the law, as well as to oppose their treatment for any and all legitimate reasons. Requests should be sent to the Data Controller at the contact information set out above.

This application does not support “do not track” requests

To determine whether any of the third party services it uses honour the “Do Not Track” requests, please read their privacy policies.

// Changes to This Privacy Policy

The Data Controller reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by giving notice to its Users on this page. It is strongly recommended to check this page often, referring to the date of the last modification listed at the bottom. If a User objects to any of the changes to the Policy, the User must cease using this Website and can request that the Data Controller erase the Personal Data. Unless stated otherwise, the then-current privacy policy applies to all Personal Data the Data Controller has about Users.

// Information About This Privacy Policy 

The Data Controller is responsible for this privacy policy.

// Personal Data

Any information regarding a natural person, a legal person, an institution or an association, which is, or can be, identified, even indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.

// Usage Data

Information collected automatically from this website (or third party services employed in this Website ), which can include: the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilised by the users who use this website, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method utilised to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the server’s answer (successful outcome, error, etc.), the country of origin, the features of the browser and the operating system utilised by the User, the various time details per visit (e.g., the time spent on each page within the website) and the details about the path followed within the Website with special reference to the sequence of pages visited, and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User’s IT environment.

// Financial Data

Our website does not collect any payment details. Courses can be paid for using our preferred partner, Flywire.

// User

The individual using this Website, which must coincide with or be authorised by the Data Subject, to whom the Personal Data refer.

// Data Subject

The legal or natural person to whom the Personal Data refers to.

// Data Processor (or Data Supervisor)

The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organisation authorised by the data controller to process the personal data in compliance with this privacy policy.

// Data Controller (or Owner)

The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organisation with the right, also jointly with another data controller, to make decisions regarding the purposes, and the methods of processing of personal data and the means used, including the security measures concerning the operation and use of this website. The data controller, unless otherwise specified, is the owner of this website.

// This Website

we-bridge.co.uk and any their applications, hardware or software tools related, by which the personal data of the user is collected.

// Cookies

Small pieces of data stored in the user’s device.

// Legal Information

This privacy statement has been prepared in fulfilment of the obligations of the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018, UK, on the subject of collection, processing and retention of data.

Notice to European Users: this privacy statement has been prepared in fulfilment of the obligations under Art. 10 of EC Directive n. 95/46/EC, and under the provisions of Directive 2002/58/EC, as revised by Directive 2009/136/EC, on the subject of Cookies.

This privacy policy relates solely to this website. Last updated: 3rd July 2018

// Cookies Policy

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The information below describes how we use cookies and also provides you with the information required to modify your browser settings to control your browser’s use of cookies.

// What Are Browser Cookies?

They are very small text files that are created by a website through a browser on your computer. They are used to help you navigate a website, identify preferences and perform specific functions, for example, you input a room’s dimensions into a text box on a website and the website then automatically calculates the materials required for each product page that you visit on that website.

Most websites these days use cookies to enhance the usability of the site and to make navigating a website easier and more intuitive, so disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain websites, or from using certain functions within a website.

When you use a browser to load a website that uses cookies, if the browser settings enable the use of cookies, it will allow the website to send a small text file, or cookie, to your computer’s hard drive. When you visit subsequent pages on the website it may use the information inside the cookie to provide certain functionality. When you revisit the website it may again request that cookie to further assist functionality within that website e.g. automatically remember the product you last looked at.

For more information on Cookies and how to control their use please visit AboutCookies.org

// How We Use Browser Cookies

We use cookies on this website for the several purposes:

  • Site performance cookies

These improve site performance by caching some of the website information on your computer.

  • Anonymous analytics cookies

Anonymously tracking page visits, hits, search terms, visitor locations etc. for statistical purposes, which help us to improve our services. We use Google Analytics to provide us with information about the use of the website, examples of this statistical information would be how many visitors from the United Kingdom we have had, how many visitors used Internet Explorer as a browser, how many pages were visited today, what words visitors search for to find our website etc.

  • Geotargetting cookies

These cookies are used by software which tries to work out what country you are in from the information supplied by your browser when you click on a web page. This Information is completely anonymous and is designed for the site to serve the correct content for your particular location. For example: changing the default site language to Italian if we detect that you are trying to access we-bridge.co.uk From Italy.

// Cookie Control via Your Browser

If you want to control the use of cookies via your browser then we recommend that you use the help menu within the browser of your choice. Obviously, there are many browsers available on a variety of devices, so it is difficult to provide you with precise instructions, but if you seek out the help menu and search for ‘cookie’ you should find the appropriate guidance for your browser.

Our Website Policies were last updated 21/08/2019