We want you to feel happy at WE Bridge Academy. However, if you feel that you have experienced a situation about which you wish to make a complaint, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Talk to your teacher who will try to resolve the problem
  • If the problem is not resolved, or if for any reason you do not want to talk to your teacher, then please talk to either the Academic Centre Manager (Chris – chris@we-bridge.co.uk) or the Chief Operating Officer (Penny – penny@we-bridge.co.uk).
  • The academy will respond to your complaint as soon as possible but no later than 5 working days.
  • Steps will be taken to solve the complaint and prevent it from happening again.
  • In any case where disciplinary action is required, this will be passed to management and carried out according to our policies.
  • If your complaint is found not to be justified, the school will give you a reason for arriving at this decision and you will have the opportunity to discuss further if needed.
  • If you would like to appeal the decision made, then the matter will be referred to WE Bridge Academy’s advisory board within 5 working days.

If you are still unhappy after talking to us, you can email an independent advisor English UK and explain your problem. They will talk to you and talk to us to try to find a solution that everyone is happy with. Most complaints are solved at this stage. 

Please write your email in English and send it to complaints@englishuk.com. The email must be sent by you or your family, not your agent. 

You can use this complaint system if you are studying English at an English UK member centre (with very rare exceptions).

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