If you are currently studying at WE Bridge Academy, this is the place to find all the information you need to make the very best of your journey with us.

// Registration Week (16th September 2019)

Registration Week is the perfect time to get all our students registered onto their chosen course, carry out their induction, issue any documents (like bank letters) and tell them all about life in Cardiff.

// Getting to WE Bridge Academy

If you have chosen private-rented or student accommodation within the city itself, you should find you are within walking distance of the Academy. If you are staying in our homestay accommodation, this will be within 35 minutes of the academy either by bus or train. We can help you find the quickest and best route to WE Bridge Academy and you may find the following links useful:

// Your First Day

Your first day at the Academy will be a little different from a typical day in the classroom. The morning will consist of taking your placement test, filling out paperwork and taking part in an induction, which we give to all new students. You will also receive a copy of the student handbook.

On your first day, please arrive at 09:00 and go to Reception on floor 2. Remember to bring your original passport with you along with any visas you may have, including your Bio Residence Permit (BRP) card if you have one.

// Finding Your Way Around

We have eight classrooms on floor 10 and four on floor 2. During your induction, we will give you a tour of our premises and show you where your lessons will take place.

We have a spacious student lounge where you can enjoy a freshly ground coffee, catch up with your new friends and see the stunning views of Cardiff from the 10th floor. The student lounge also boasts a Quiet Room where you can relax or work on those all-important assignments.

The student lounge also has a water cooler, dispensing fresh water. We’re helping to save the planet so no longer provide plastic cups –  we recommend bringing a reusable water bottle with you.

We have a multi-faith prayer room and washing facilities for the exclusive use of our students that can be used at lunch and break times*

// Your First Week

Once you have settled in, we will give you your student ID card and any letters you need (for things like opening a new bank account and registering with a doctor).

As a student, you can use your student ID card to get great discounts in the United Kingdom. Most shops, restaurants, gyms and cinemas will give you at least 10% off.

// Fire Alarm Test

The building’s fire alarm is tested every Wednesday at 3pm (for around 10 seconds). If you hear the alarm at any other time, it’s time to leave!

// Opening a UK Bank Account

You have absolute choice over which bank you choose. However, some banks will only accept students who are planning to go to university and studying a pre-university course at WE Bridge Academy. Being able to open a bank account may depend on:

  • Your age
  • The type of course you are studying
  • The length of your course

You must ensure you have:

  • A permanent address in your home country and can provide a 3-year address history
  • A confirmed UK address to live at for the duration of your studies
  • Your student ID card and a letter from WE Bridge Academy
  • Proof of UK address
  • Your passport, visa and travel documents

// Attendance and Timetables

Your attendance will be monitored during your studies at WE Bridge Academy. All classes start at 09:30. If you arrive after this time, you will not be allowed to join the class until the next session starts. This is to prevent disruption to the teachers and other students.

We advise all students to plan their journey to the academy in advance. Allowing for delays such as road closures will ensure you arrive to the academy on time each day.

Your timetable will vary depending on the number of hours you study per week and the type of course you are enrolled on. If you are studying General English, you can view your timetable here. If you are studying our International Foundation Programme, your timetable will be displayed on floor 10.

If you think you may be late, or are unable to attend class, you must call the Academy as early as possible on 02920 225 656 or email absence@we-bridge.co.uk

// Holidays and Breaks During a Course

All holiday requests must be authorised by the Director of Studies and you will need to obtain a holiday letter from Reception on floor 10. If you are a sponsored student, your Embassy will also need to approve your holiday. If there is a break in your course for any reason, you must report to Reception on floor 2 on your return to the academy as we will need to see your passport and visas before you go back into the classroom.

Request a holiday

WE Bridge Academy is closed to students for a 2-week period during the Christmas holiday. However, apart from Bank Holidays, there will still be team available to answer any questions you may have.

// Medical Information and Emergencies

It is important that you register with a doctor on arrival to the UK – don’t wait until you become unwell. You will need a letter from Reception on floor 10. You are entitled to free NHS treatment in the UK if your course lasts for 6 months or more.

  • The UK emergency number is 999 (for fire, police, ambulance and coastguard service)
  • The WE Bridge Academy emergency number is +44 (0)7958 469 916 (24-hours)

Find a local doctor (and other medical service) using your post code.

// Letters and Documentation

Reception on floor 10 can provide you with any letters and documents you may need. You can make a request online or at Reception.

  • Council Tax (for courses lasting more than 6 months and 25 hours per week)
  • Bank letter to open a UK bank account
  • Doctors letter
  • Course confirmation
  • Offer and visa letters
  • Holiday letter
  • Police registration

Please ask at Reception if you require any other type of documentation.

// Council Tax

If you rent privately, you may need to pay Council Tax. If you are a student you may be exempt from paying. To count as a full-time student, your course must:

  • last at least 1 calendar or academic year
  • require you to undertake it for at least 24 weeks a year
  • involve at least 21 hours’ study, tuition or work experience per week.

// Life Outside of the Academy

There is always something going on at WE Bridge Academy. We run a great social programme and you can view all our upcoming trips and events here

If you feel like exploring Cardiff and the surrounding area on your own, or with a group of friends, you will find so much going on and this site will give you lots of ideas to keep you entertained!

// Filming and Photography

We respect the privacy of our students, staff and visitors. We sometimes film and take photos to use across social media, in marketing and on our website. We will always gain your written permission before filming and to use your image in this way. We respectfully ask that any students wishing to film in the classroom obtain permission from the teacher first.