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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dave moved to Cardiff after living in Russia for 7 years where he had been working for a UK charity in a leadership development and coaching role. Dave came to WE Bridge Academy with over 15 years of commercial and cross-cultural experience in international project management, leadership, training & coaching roles.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the guitar, running with my dog and working out at the gym. Oh, and doing crazy stuff with my 3 kids!

I am a qualified Mechanic Engineer, specialising in calibration and filtration! I am also a qualified Business Coach.

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Dave, putting lots of ideas forward for our new website, which launched in July 2018.

The things I enjoy most about WE Bridge Academy are working with a great team, helping to see students education dreams realised, travelling and meeting really interesting people.

You can read more about Dave and the history of WE Bridge Academy here

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