This handbook is for students studying our International Foundation Programme at our Academy in Cardiff.

// Welcome to WE Bridge Academy

We are very happy that you have chosen WE Bridge Academy for your business, education and language needs.

You will find that our staff and teachers are willing to help you in all areas of your learning experience with us. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

At WE Bridge Academy, you will find a variety of courses and learning experiences including General English classes, our International Foundation Programme and Exam Preparation classes.

We wish you a very happy and enjoyable learning experience at WE Bridge Academy.

Dave Henson, CEO

// The WE Bridge Academy Team and Who to Contact

Dave HensonChief Executive Officer (CEO)
Penny MathewsChief Operating Officer (COO)
Georgeta BradatanExecutive Director of Studies
Chris TewAcademic Centre Manager
Debbie HughesMarketing & Admissions Executive
Clara MartinsAdminissions Officer
Richard EastmanStudent Accommodation & Welfare Officer

WE Bridge Academy’s 24-hour emergency number is 07958 469 916

// Student ID Cards and Lanyards

You will receive a student photo ID card and lanyard to wear when you enrol at WE Bridge Academy. You must wear them at all times on WE Bridge Academy premises. Your lanyard must be worn around your neck and be visible at all times.

All students, staff and visitors must wear their photo ID card and lanyard. This is for the safety and security of all members of WE Bridge Academy and we need to be able to identify everyone at all times.

WE Bridge Academy staff will check to ensure you are wearing your ID card and lanyard at all times. If you forget your lanyard, you can obtain a temporary one from Reception.

A replacement photo ID card and lanyard will cost £10. Please inform Reception if you lose your ID card.

If you continue to forget or lose your photo ID card and lanyard, you may receive a written warning. If this happens more than three times, you may face a disciplinary procedure and could be asked to leave WE Bridge Academy.

Your student ID card will bring you some great discounts when eating out, shopping and taking part in leisure activities.

// Student Code of Conduct

At WE Bridge Academy, we want your stay with us to be a safe and happy experience. To ensure this happens, we ask all students to follow this code of conduct.

Help to keep WE Bridge Academy a clean and safe environment for all by:

  • Putting rubbish in the bins provided and keeping your classroom and the student lounge tidy
  • Making sure that you keep the toilets clean and tidy and not taking food or drinks (except water) into the classrooms
  • Only bottled drinks purchased outside of the Academy are permitted inside the building

// Respect for Everyone

  • Following the rules of WE Bridge Academy and being responsible for your own behaviour
  • Treating everyone with equal consideration and respect regardless of differences in culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, age or social class
  • Do not bully, intimidate, verbally abuse or threaten violence towards any person

If you have any concerns, you should speak to a member of staff as soon as possible.

// Student Information and Rules

AttendanceStudents are expected to have an attendance rate of at least 80% during their time at WE Bridge Academy.
If you cannot attend a lesson for any reason, you must let us know as soon as possible by calling the Academy or emailing – poor attendance will be dealt with in accordance with the WE Bridge Attendance Policy, which is available on our website. Poor attendance will also affect any references and reports for sponsors for university that we write.
EmergenciesThe emergency number in the UK is 999. This number must only be used in an emergency to contact the police, fire or ambulance service. WE Bridge Academy’s emergency number is 07958 469 916. Please save the emergency number into your phone. The Academy’s first aiders are displayed throughout the Academy.
Fire and Health & SafetyWhen you first arrive at WE Bridge Academy, you will be told about our health and safety policy and fire procedure. You will be shown the escape route and meeting point.

The fire alarm is tested at 3pm every Wednesday. In the event of a real fire, you must never run and always use the stairs – do not use the lifts. Information about what to do in the event of a fire is displayed in every classroom.
Incidents and ConcernsIf anything happens that makes you feel unhappy or unsafe, please tell a member of staff as soon as possible.
Change of personal detailsIf your personal details such as address, telephone number, email or emergency contact change, you must tell the school immediately.
Internet AccessHigh-speed Internet access is available free at WE Bridge Academy. By signing the relevant section of your online registration, students acknowledge our E-Safety, Acceptable Use of ICT and Social Media Policy. Students should be aware that Internet usage is monitored at all times.
LatenessYou MUST be on time for all your lessons. Lessons start at 09:30 in the morningYou must also arrive in time after all of your breaks. If you arrive late, you will be marked absent and will need to wait in the student lounge until the next lesson.
BooksBooks are available for you to borrow. Ask your teacher for more information.
Lost PropertyStudents must look after their property at all times. If you lose something or find any lost property, please go to Reception. If the property of a student or WE Bridge Academy goes missing, the CEO reserves the right to search the property of both staff and students in their presence on demand. Any suspected or confirmed theft will be reported to the police if not resolved by the management.
Mobile Phones and Personal DevicesMobile phones and personal devices (such as laptops) that are brought into the academy remain the responsibility of the user. You must refer to the E-Safety, Acceptable Use of ICT and Social Media Policy for more information. Mobile phones and personal devices are not allowed to be used during lessons/in the classroom unless it is part of a curriculum-based activity with consent from a member of staff.

To help ensure maximum progress, poor academic performance and attendance will be reported to fee-paying bodies / individuals and agents as necessary. Failure to make sufficient academic progress may result in academic warning being issued.

// Course Outline

The IFP consists of 8 modules. You must pass all modules to pass the International Foundation Programme. The pass mark for each module is 40%, although some universities will ask for a higher mark for entry onto their degree programmes.

There are 6 core modules that all students must complete:

Developing English Language SkillsExam
Advanced English Language SkillsExam
English for Academic PurposesAssignment
Study and Communication SkillsAssignment (75%) Exam (25%)
Culture StudiesAssignment
Foundation MathematicsExam

Each student must complete and additional 2 modules, depending on their pathway.


Further MathematicsExam


Introduction to BusinessAssignment
Introduction to Accountancy and EconomicsAssignment




Introduction to ComputingExam
Introduction to ProgrammingAssignment

// Assessment


  • Exam based modules will have a combination of unit and final exams. The final marks will consists of marks in the final exam and unit exams.
  • Students must ensure that they attend all scheduled examinations. Missing an exam will result in a mark of 0% for that exam. This will affect the overall mark for the module.
  • Any cheating or attempts to cheat in an exam will result in a mark of 0%


  • All work must the student’s own. Copied or plagiarised assignments will get 0%.
  • For all assignments, the student must submit (1) An outline (2) A first draft (3) A final draft. Failure to submit these will result in the assignment not being accepted.
  • All outlines, first drafts and final drafts must be submitted on time. Late submissions will lose marks and may not be accepted.
  • If the Academic management team suspect that written work is not the student’s own, they will be asked to perform a controlled writing task under supervision. If the student cannot reproduce the same standard of work in these conditions, the assignment will not be accepted.

Academic Progress:

All students are expected to make good academic progress in their course. This can be achieved by:

  • Attending all scheduled classes
  • Fully participating in classes
  • Completing all work set by tutors
  • Revising material at home
  • Informing the tutors of any problems early

To help ensure maximum progress, poor academic performance and attendance will be reported to fee-paying bodies / individuals and agents as necessary. Failure to make sufficient academic progress may result in an academic warning being issued.

// Student Welfare and Living in the UK

Living in a different country can be an exciting but unsettling experience. WE Bridge Academy will help you to feel at home. If you have any concerns or questions, then please let a member of staff know as soon as possible.

// British Values

While you live in the UK, it is important that you understand and abide by fundemantal British values. These are:

  • Democracy – a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
  • British Law – You must learn about British laws and abide by them. However, if you do find yourself being arrested by the police, please call the WE Bridge Academy emergency phone number.
  • Alcohol – It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase and consume alcohol in the UK. You are not permitted to bring or consume alcohol on WE Bridge Academy’s premises.
  • Drugs and illegal substances – It is illegal to buy, sell or take drugs. If you are caught with illegal drugs, you may receive a fine and/or go to prison.
  • Litter – It is illegal to drop litter in the UK (including cigarette butts and chewing gum) in a public place. You could be fined up to £80 if caught doing so.
  • Smoking – It is illegal to sell cigarettes, tobacco and cigarette papers to anyone under the age of 18. You are not allowed to smoke in public places, which includes restaurants, shops, cinemas, leisure centres, workplaces, on public transport or railway stations. You are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the premises at WE Bridge Academy.
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith
British Values 005 1024x522 - Student Handbook (IFP)

// Staying Safe

When you are out, stay with friends – particularly at night if withdrawing money from a cash machine. When walking at night, try to stay in well-lit areas where there are plenty of other people.

  • Do not carry large amounts of money around with you
  • Keep mobile phones, laptops, tablets and cameras out of sight
  • On a night out, always keep sight of your drinks and only allow someone you know and trust to buy one for you
  • In the unlikely event of being a victim of crime, do not put up a fight – your items can be replaced
  • If you think you have been a victim of crime, call the police by dialling 999 and contact WE Bridge Academy using the emergency phone number
  • If you need a taxi, use Dragon Taxis and call 02920 333 333 whenever possible. This company has ensured all their drivers are checked by the police and operate a safe taxi scheme.

// Medical Treatment

If you are in the need of emergency medical treatment, you should visit the Accident and Emergency department (A&E) at the local hospital.

If you need to see a doctor (also known as a GP), you will need to register at a local surgery. It’s best you do this when you first start at WE Bridge Academy in case you do become unwell. You can obtain a registration letter from Reception.

Homestay students should register with their homestay’s GP.

// Dentists and Opticians

Dental and optical treatment can be expensive in the UK and you will need to pay for any treatment you receive. Please make sure you have adequate insurance cover.

Emergency dental treatment in Cardiff is available by contacting the helpline on 02920 444 500.

// First Aid

If you or someone you know requires medical assistance at WE Bridge Academy, you should contact one of the First Aiders immediately.

// Preventing Accidents at WE Bridge Academy

If you notice anything that may cause an accident, such as loose cables or a wet floor, please tell a member of staff immediately.

// Students Aged Under 18

If you are aged under 18, then you must follow the following guidelines and rules:

Stay in groupsWhen you travel outside of WE Bridge Academy, please try to travel in groups of at least two people.
Charge your mobileMake sure your mobile phone is charged at all times.
Tell us where you areYou must sign in at Reception for both morning and afternoon classes. If you are unwell or going to be late, you must call or email us. All details are on the back of your timetable.
If you are feeling unwellIf you feeling unwell, you must tell a member of staff as soon as possible. If you cannot attend lessons, you must call or email
Get home on timeIf you are staying in WE Bridge Academy homestay, you must be home by 22:30 every night. You must call your homestay family if you are going to be late.
Use a taxiIf you need a taxi, use Dragon Taxis and call 02920 333 333 whenever possible. This company has ensured all their drivers are checked by the police and operate a safe taxi scheme.
Emergency numbersWE Bridge Academy’s 24-hour emergency number is 07958 469 916. For the police, fire or ambulance service, dial 999.

// Reading and Listening

Read as much as possible in English. There are a varierty of newspapers available and the Metro is available every weekday for free – you can find the Metro at most transport hubs and local buses.

There are many local and national radio stations available. Try to listen to English people speaking and listen to the intonation of people talking.

// Homestay and Accommodation

Richard Eastman is WE Bridge Academy’s Student Accommodation and Welfare Officer and will deal with all your homestay queries.

Should you be unhappy about a certain aspect of your homestay or have any questions, please let Richard know immediately. You can contact Richard on 07908 139 716.

// Complaints

We want all of our students to have positive experience at WE Bridge Academy. If you are unhappy about any aspect of you experience, please inform the relevant person to see if they can resolve it for you. If you are not happy with the outcome, you can complete our Complaints Form here.

If you are still not happy with the outcome, you can pass your complaint on to English UK. You can write to them at English UK, 219 St John Street, London, EC1V 4LY or email