Council Tax is collected by your local council to pay for services in your community. Every property is put into a Council Tax band between A and H, based on its size, location and a few other factors (e.g. proximity to shops and local services).

// Do I need to Pay?

If you are a student, you may be exempt from paying Council Tax. To count as a full-time student your course must:

  • last at least 1 calendar or academic year
  • require you to undertake it for at least 24 weeks a year
  • involve at least 21 hours’ study or tuition per week

To make sure you are not made liable for the payment, you need to request a Council Tax letter and return it to Cardiff Central Library.

// Single Person Discount

If you rent privately and live alone, you may be entitled to receive 25% off the cost of your Council Tax – known as Single Person Discount, which you can apply for on this page.

// Paying for Council Tax

It’s very important you inform your local council as soon as you move into a new property as Council Tax is payable from the day you move in (or the day the property is furnished, whichever is sooner). Council Tax payments are normally paid monthly over a 10-month period. However, councils are required to allow you to pay over 12 months, if you request it.

// Changes in Circumstances

Students should bear in mind that a change in circumstances (such as reducing the hours you study per week) may affect the amount of Council Tax you pay and you must inform the council as soon as your circumstances change to avoid overpayments.

// More Information

If you live in Cardiff, you can read more about Council Tax here. If you live outside of Cardiff or are unsure who your local council is, click here to find out.