We are delighted you are considering coming to study with us at WE Bridge Academy. From the moment you leave your home, to your very first class, we want to make sure everything runs smoothly for you.

If you are a current student and already studying at WE Bridge Academy, please click here

// Travelling to the United Kingdom

If you have not travelled to the UK before, the following websites have some very useful information for you:

// Visas

Information about visas can be found at gov.uk and you will need to check to see if you need one before you travel.

// Airports and Transfers

You can request an airport transfer when applying to study with us, and prior to your arrival, as long as we are given at least 7 days’ notice. The prices shown below may change depending on your arrival time, any airport delays and your destination.

Cardiff Airport to Cardiff City Centre: £40 one-way

Bristol Airport to Cardiff City Centre: £90 one-way

Heathrow Airport to Cardiff City Centre: £190 one-way

Your arrival to the UK is likely to be at London Heathrow. Details of all airports in the UK can be found here. If you wish to make your own way from the airport to Cardiff, you may find the following sites useful**

**Advanced booking required

// Accommodation

It is important that you choose somewhere to stay before arriving in the UK. Most students choose from homestay, residential, private accommodation or a hotel/bed and breakfast. WE Bridge Academy homestay accommodation availability is limited and must be booked at least two weeks before your arrival (subject to availability). A payment for the first 4 weeks accommodation is required to secure homestay. More information can be found here.

// Money and Insurance

You must have enough money to cover the cost of your living and study expenses during your stay. The UK can be quite expensive! The currency in the UK is the British pound (£). Information about exchange rates can be found at XE. We suggest bringing at least £400 with you for your immediate needs. This should be enough to cover your transport costs and initial expenses.

It is strongly recommended that you take out adequate insurance in the event of cancellations, medical issues, personal accident and theft.

// Opening a UK Bank Account

If you are a long-term student, you may be eligible to open a UK bank account. Barclays allow you to start the process of opening an account from your home country based on the following conditions:

  • You have a permanent address in your home country and can provide a 3-year address history
  • You have a confirmed UK address to live at for the duration of your studies

Once you’ve completed the application online, you will be given a unique reference number. This will be required to take to a Barclays branch when you arrive in the UK. You will also need:

  • Your student ID card and a letter from WE Bridge Academy (we will give you these when you arrive)
  • Proof of UK address
  • Your passport, visa* and travel documents

// Mobile SIM

One of the first things you will want to do when arriving in the UK is to call your family and let them know you arrived safely. Providing your phone is unlocked, you can pick up a free SIM at the Academy or from most shops. Three offer great value call and data bundles and you can easily convert your credit into an Add On to get lots of data. The other main mobile providers in the UK are:

If you need help setting up your new SIM, please ask at Reception.

// Medical Treatment

You should visit your doctor, dentist and optician before you travel to ensure you are fit to travel and check to see if you require any vaccinations. If your course is less than 6 months in duration, you will receive free accident and emergency hospital treatment but will have to pay for any other medical treatment as a private patient.

// Travel Documents

When travelling to the UK, you need to make sure that you have the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A visa or UK-entry clearance (non-EU students)
  • Vaccination or medical certificates if required
  • Your letter of acceptance to study at WE Bridge Academy
  • Name, address and contact details of where you will be staying in the UK
  • Details of any transfers, travel documents and tickets
  • If you are under 18, you will need a signed letter from your parent or guardian that gives permission for you to travel.

// General Travel Advice

Make sure that all your travel arrangements are booked at least 5 days in advance and confirm them with us. If you have any issues during your journey to the UK, please call +44 (0)7958 469 916 – this is an emergency contact number only.

* Check here to see if you require a visa.