We understand that coming to study with us at WE Bridge Academy is a significant change for a student as well as those who have supported them to get to this point. It’s important that these valuable relationships continue throughout the student’s journey as a means of providing advice, guidance and support.

The transition to learning in a new place – even a new country – can present several challenges for students – adjusting to independent living, academics and a new social life – all without the comfort of close friends and relatives. But over time, students find the initial difficulties they face seem less daunting, especially if they know family and friends at home are on hand, understand the situation and are supportive.

// Top tips

  1. Stay in contact: Agree with each other how you will maintain contact. It might even be useful to set a specific time each week when you will touch base with one another. This can be via a phone call, text, or an email but importantly, the regularity of the communication will reduce uncertainty and provide a reassurance that everyone is alright.
  2. Be your child’s trusted adviser. Fully support them as this is a huge transition in anyone’s life, so you need to recognise that your relationship will change and develop during this time. Students aren’t just managing their studies, but also a range of new places, events and people. As they navigate this, they need the freedom to explore, but as we all know from our own youth, exploring can sometimes mean making mistakes. While mistakes are a natural part of personal developmental and growth, it’s also a moment where trusted advice is invaluable and essential.
  3. Be kind to yourself. This change in your relationship can often lead to feelings of anxiety and concern. While a student is growing and developing in a new environment with new experiences, your everyday life may not have such exciting changes. This could leave you with a feeling of loss. It is important to acknowledge these feelings, talk with people you trust and with people who may be in the same situation.

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