We’re proud to bring you the new attendance system that will transform the way you monitor your course attendance during your studies. SEAtS will allow you to monitor your attendance record via an App on your Apple or Android device.

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SEAtS lets you manage your time and keep updated on class scheduling so you never miss a class, or deadline.

You can download the App for Android and iOS now*

// Attendance and Timetables

Your attendance will be monitored during your studies at WE Bridge Academy. All classes start at 09:30. If you arrive after this time, you will not be allowed to join the class until the next session starts. This is to prevent disruption to the teachers and other students.

We advise all students to plan their journey to the academy in advance. Allowing for delays such as road closures will ensure you arrive to the academy on time each day.

Your timetable will vary depending on the number of hours you study per week and the type of course you are enrolled on. If you are studying our International Foundation Programme, your timetable will be displayed on floor 10.

If you think you may be late, or are unable to attend class, you must call the Academy as early as possible on 02920 225 656 or email clara@we-bridge.co.uk

* Login details will be provided at enrolment.