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Our CEO, Dave Henson, drives our vision on a daily basis to truly make education more personal, and it’s Dave’s heart-felt attitude that is the very reason behind the decision to do something personal for his father-in-law, David.

David suffers from Parkinson’s disease,  a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years. Symptoms include tremors, rigidity of the muscles and slow imprecise movements. With the support of family and friends, Dave made the decision to run the Cardiff Half Marathon this October to raise as much money as possible for Parkinson’s UK – and to raise awareness of the work the charity does to support those with the condition and help find new ways to treat the disease.

To gain a better understanding, Dave spoke with David about how Parkinson’s effects his everyday life:

“I have been diagnosed for 14 years but had the symptoms for 17. The treatment is medication in the form of tablets. PD Warrior continual exercise programme really helps my mobility and I notice when I don’t do it that my symptoms are not as good.

Awareness is crucial for the sufferer because it makes people more tolerant of my posture and speed of doing things and also vital to continue research to find a cure.

It affects my daily routine because it is so unpredictable and makes me not know if I can dress, eat and move unaided. I am one of 145,000 suffering with Parkinson’s in the UK.

On a personal level what sustains me is the support of the most wonderful family in the world”.

Parkinson’s UK is a charity close to Dave’s heart, and his father-in-law the motivation to support this great cause. You too can support Dave’s commitment by donating via Just Giving. All money raised will go directly to Parkinson’s UK. You can even join us on October 6th – the day of the marathon!

We appreciate that giving a little will go towards making a big difference to people like David and giving Parkinson’s UK the resources to help fight this disease.

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