We always encourage feedback and ask all our students to comment in our Feedback Book at Reception. We love reading how we have influenced the lives of everyone that studies with us, and here are just some of the lovely comments we have received:

“I was a previous student at WE Bridge Academy under the NCC Programme 2018-19. I took the engineering pathway for the Foundation Diploma. Despite the challenges in my studies, I enjoyed my time at WE Bridge. The staff are nice, supportive and offer quality teaching. All the students are friendly and hardworking. I am now studying aerospace engineering at Swansea University. ” Abdulmageed, January 2020

“To the lovely staff. You all mean the world to me, only a heart as dear as yours would give so unselfishly. The many things you’ve done and all the times that you stood alongside me, helps me know deep down how much you really care. Richly blessed is how I feel having studied here. This last year has been terrific and exceptional. Let it be written down in history; Rehab was once here. Farewell everyone, I will miss you guys.” Rehab, June 2019

“I would like to express my thanks in this email. Thanks for everything – you have been so helpful and kind. There are no words that I can express for your encouragement. You gave me strength so I knew that you cared for me and for my classmate. Basically, I’m grateful and thankful.” Shabib, May 2019

“WE Bridge – the place where it all started. Not only was this the place where it all began, I also met incredible people here. Friends for life. And it also showed me how open and wonderful the world is and other cultures are. Thank you for that.” Stephanie & Nadije, October 2018 (visiting students who studied with us in 2015)

“I’m very happy that I met such amazing staff and teachers – always ready to answer my questions and give me the attendance paper that I kept forgetting to sign the first week! Don’t worry, I’ll be back.” Alessandro, July 2018

“It was incredible to meet people from other countries here while I was improving my English. I really enjoyed all the trips, especially to Tenby. Thanks so much to my teacher for her patience and effort.” Carlota, July 2018

“Hello. Yesterday you passed by while I was talking to another member of staff and my mind was in a whirl and I think you was kind of busy too. So I did not find the word to greet you with! Please allow me to write to you now to tell you what I feel. I am thankful for you as a teacher and a person, you are a significant figure in my journey as a mature student. I came to WE Bridge Academy in 2016 and I was full of doubt; “can I make it or not?” I am a father of five kids and husband for a beautiful wife, all of them depending and believe in me at the same time. They consider me as a role model in their life, but in fact I was under pressure of a lot of obstacles and challenges! Moving to a new country with a big family, different culture, completely different lifestyle, wasn’t easy for me! My wife and kids were not speaking English by that time, and we don’t know anyone here, so I was the bread maker in the family. On more than one occasion I was about to give up but every time I come to the academy and I join your class I feel there is hope! You and the other great teachers were a lighthouse for me, I’ve learnt a lot from you as a teacher and as a person. Now I am about to graduate with distinctions and in the right direction – just a few steps left to achieve my goals – I would love to tell you that the Academy wasn’t only a place for study, it was a home, it was a family for me which I can’t forget and I will be always grateful for all of you. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you. Kind regards.” Wael, July 2018

“Thanks to the great team of teachers here at WE Bridge – it has been a pleasant, exhilarating and memorable experience. I’m sure I’ll be back one day.” Timm, June 2018

“Thank you WE Bridge for having me in the language school and making me feel welcome. I really enjoyed my time at school and enjoyed meeting people from different countries and learning about their culture, while I was also improving my English. Thank you and all the best”. Leandra, 2018

“We spent a great time here in WE Bridge and it was a fantastic month! All the teachers and staff are very kind. We hope to see you all again – thank you for everything”. Romina & Fabrizio, 2017

“Dear teachers and staff in WE Bridge Academy. I want to thank you for teaching me so much and I really appreciate the time I spent with you here. Much love”. Anwar, 2016

“I would like to say thank you so much. There are not enough words to describe their ways of teaching. They are so supportive and helpful, it is hard to leave them because they have improved our skills and helped us to be better”. Zainab, 2016

“Thank you for these past two weeks. I learnt a lot. I was challenged and I like that! I had a good time at WE Bridge”. Karolina, November 2015